For over 25 years, the world’s most prominent jewelers and brands from around the world have come to HINI STAR in their search for the finest of diamonds. HINI STAR's Round and Fancy cut diamonds are amongst the world’s finest in cut, colour and clarity. Our diamonds strike a perfect balance of quality and precision. We at HINI STAR specialize in rounds and having pioneered the art fancy cuts, we trade in diamonds from 0.01 carats up to 50.00 carats and larger. Furthermore, a large portion of our diamonds weighing above 0.30 carats are certified by diamond laboratories such as the GIA, HRD, IGI and AGS and are predominantly 3Ex with Hearts and Arrows.

Excellent Cuts

With Research and Development and expertise we have learnt that more than 97% of the diamond’s brilliance is controlled by the quality of cut and surface finish. Hini Star specializes in Excellent Cut Diamonds as they are cut and crafted to perfection in proportion and symmetry but, also have flawless surface finish.

  • Certified (GIA, HRD, IGI and AGS)
  • Ex-Ex-Ex with Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows

More than 80% of our Round Brilliant Diamond consists of Hearts & Arrows & Ideal cut precision. Place our Hearts & Arrows diamonds next to any other and the difference is evident. The Hearts & Arrows range with Triple Excellent cut symbolizes our potential to attain some of the finest pieces in the world with utmost precision and excellent polish

Certified (GIA, HRD, IGI) Ex-Ex-Ex with Hearts & Arrows
Assured (HINI STAR) Fine Makes with Hearts & Arrows

Fine Makes

To highlight the extreme precision the Ex Ex Ex Make in Round Brilliant Diamonds and Ex Ex Make in Fancy Cut Diamonds.

Certified (GIA, HRD, IGI) Rounds & Fancy cuts
Assured (HINI STAR) Rounds & Fancy cuts

Fancy Cuts

Our selection of fancy cut diamonds allows you to choose from a scintillating array of Marquise, Pear, Heart, Princess, Cushion, and many more cuts.

Marquise Pear
Hearts Princess
Cushion Trilliants


"Exclusives" is a range of genuinely rare diamonds with an impeccable instance of deft craftsmanship. From White to Natural Fancy Colours, this range includes extraordinary Round and Fancy cut diamonds weighing above 3 carats.

Specialty Cuts

We continuously focus on providing diamonds that add value for our clients. This range includes diamond cuts that have been designed and developed by Hini Star. These differentiated diamonds are designed to form wide-ranging clusters & formations that generate value addition over generic diamond jewellery.


Kite Shape


Pie cut