When you work with Hini Star you are partnering with a globally-respected industry leader renowned for making the most perfectly cut diamonds.

This advantage helps you win new customers. We have a mutual interest in ensuring positive outcomes for your business by providing you with access to our unparalleled heritage, leadership in innovation and technology, and alignment with consumer demands.

Preferred Website Access

24/7 access to our high-definition online inventory with personalized and secure online ordering.

Flawless, timely and transparent management from procurement to delivery

Our vertically-integrated value chain comprises diamond sourcing, design, cutting, polishing, and jewellery manufacturing in facilities across three state-of-the-art campuses in India and China, with supporting sales and marketing operations in key markets.

Adhering to the core principles of lean manufacturing we are able to maximize customer value whilst minimizing waste, and respond to ever-changing consumer desires with more variety, higher quality, and unmatched output times.

Marketing Support

To enhance customer engagement and boost in-store sales we are developing digital sales technology that will be ‘retail ready’. In addition to ‘always on’ online and cloud-based sales collaterals and visual merchandise support, we are adept at strategic planning, product development, staff training and downstream education support to help you create a high-touch, seamless omnichannel buying experience for today’s consumer that bridges store and web.